shepI would like to write a few lines thanking all of our customers for a wonderful 2009.  In a year filled with bad news, bad finances and bad attitudes, Stacy’s Music experienced a wonderful year.  We met many new students ready and willing to learn a new instrument, we reconnected with many old customers who are getting back into music making, and enjoyed speaking with our weekly customers who choose Stacy’s Music as their music store of choice.  I, on many occasions, enjoyed talking with some of our students parents, not only about their kid’s music education, but just life and business in general.  In my 18 years of working here I have never before had the feeling of community that I do now.  I learned that the people of Charlottesville (and surrounding areas) love their music.  They take it seriously and appreciate shopping at a place that is just as serious about nurturing relationships as they are about their music.  I love what I do and work hard to make Stacy’s Music a place where you can learn, play and create music and I appreciate everyone who takes notice.

So in short I would like to say thank you.  Thank you to all the parents for bringing your kids in to take lessons here. Thank you to all the musicians for choosing us over anyone else or home delivery.  Thank you to everyone who walked through our door to ask a question.  I thank you all and hope you have a wonderful 2010.  Let’s make it loud!

Shep Stacy

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