Demand More From Your Music Store!

shepI know that sounds a little strange coming from the owner of a music store, but before I was an owner I was a fan. There is not a successful musician on the planet that has not been a fan, visited, or purchased something from a music store. At some point in their musical carrier, all musicians’ used their chosen music store as a starting point of their knowledge,

Internet sites are great for information and sometimes price, but they can not replace the one on one interaction, the jokes, and the musicianship you will find at your local music store. So make sure you demand information from your store, I know the teachers and employees at Stacy’s are willing to hand it out anytime. Ask questions and tell us your stories, we have a few of our own. Tell us something new and we will try to do the same. Your local music store isn’t just a place to stock up on music gear; it’s a place for leaning and gaining musical insights. Stop by Stacy’s anytime and lean your elbow on our water cooler!


2 thoughts on “Demand More From Your Music Store!

  1. Frankie Ballowe says:

    Hey man, I just wanna say Thanks! Your Dad would be proud of you carrying on his legacy of music! Cool Website!!! I’ll drop in again real soon! God Bless Ya’ Shep!!!

  2. Erik Sabiston says:


    Well said! The interaction a young musician gets at a place like Stacy’s shapes not only their rig but also their sound. Just being around the staff and being exposed to new ideas and being able to ask questions is what keeps real music alive. Charlottesville has always had one of the most authentic depository of roots based musicians in the US. It’s more than a store, it is a place to learn and make something real. 15 years ago you told me people will always want to give the gift of music, no matter the economy. Thanks to you and all the crew for keeping Stacy’s cool!


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