Dear Parents, We know your busy but….

Dear Parents, We know you are busy but…..

The Stacy's Music counter and its inhabitants.
The Stacy's Music counter and its inhabitants.

Your kid is dreaming of learning how to play an instrument. Let me explain.  Music can be learned by anyone and is by far one the most enjoyable activities in which one can participate. Studies show it makes you more creative, helps us with math, curbs the effects of Alzheimer’s, the list goes on and on.  I understand that families are busy these days, and by busy I mean, really busy, you could even say, crazy busy.  But I guarantee that your child has 5 minutes a day to practice their guitar, play a piano piece, or sing a song.  And if you can find another 30 minutes, then they can even take private lessons.  At the very least, your child will spend 65 or 70 minutes a week practicing something that they will be able to do for the rest of their lives. How many hours a week do they play video games, surf the net, or watch T.V. Yea, I went there.  Ipads and internets are easy!  They require little or no effort for the student or parent.  Instruments require a different skill set and a little more determination.  But I can almost guarantee that if you make your kid practice 5 minutes they will want to play another 10.  There is nothing like it on the planet.  Being able to nail the intro to “Imagine” on piano, or the opening guitar riff of “Smells like Teen Spirit.” is the stuff dreams are made of.  Just a small time investment each week will give your child enjoyment that will last a lifetime. And you never know, you could be priming the next Paul McCartney.

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