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When Do I Pay My Lesson Fees?
All lessons are pre-paid on a monthly basis with payment being due at your last paid lesson of the month. (The
first month’s payment is due at the time of registration.)
If you have a credit due to illness your next month’s lesson fees will be prorated but payment will still be due at
the end of the current month.
Important Note: Teachers will not be present if the lesson is not prepaid.
How Do I Pay For Lessons?
We offer two ways to pay:
– Automatic debit, where the monthly fees are charged automatically to your credit card on the 1st day of each
month. Automatic debit requires a 7-day cancellation notice if you decide to discontinue lessons.
– We have a drop-box in our waiting room where students can leave a check for the next month’s lessons.
How Much are Lessons?
Stacy’s Lesson Fees
Lesson Times Per Lesson Monthly Fee
(4 week month)
Monthly Fee
(5 Week Month)
30 Min. Lesson $28 $112 $140
60 Min. Lesson $56 $224 $280
30 Min. – 2 Students* $42 $168 $210
60 Min. – 2 Students* $84 $336 $420
* 2 Student pricing is for a shared time slot (same teacher and time)
Can I Pay Per-Lesson?
Yes. However, students who prefer to pay per lesson will not be able to have a regular time slot and must
schedule and pay for appointment at least 7 days in advance.
What if I Need to Miss A Lesson?
– As long as you give the store 24 hours notice you can schedule a makeup or receive a credit if a make-up is
not available.
– Only one credit is allowed per month. Credits are only good for 30 days from the original paid date.
– If you cancel the same day as your lesson or do not show for any reason no refunds or credits will be
given.(In case of emergency or sudden illness, one same-day notification is allowed in an 8 week period)
What about vacations and holidays?
If a student knows they will be absent for a lesson, that month’s fees will be pro-rated at the time payment is
due. Please see our lesson calendar for holiday closings. Lesson fees for months that have a holiday will be
What if there is bad weather?
If lessons are cancelled due to inclement weather your payment will carry over to the following week. Stacy’s
does not always close when schools are closed and will notify students only if lessons are canceled. Students
who are unable to attend scheduled lessons due to inclement weather may request a make-up lesson if they
notify the store at least one hour before their lesson time.
Who do I talk to about all of the above?
Please call Stacy’s at (434) 974-1555 with any questions about your lessons. Do not ask your teacher about
scheduling, payment or other administrative issues. They love to teach and that’s all we can ask of them.
Liability Waiver
Stacy’s is not responsible for supervising students at any time. Young students should not be left alone at the
store for extended periods of time before or after their lesson. We cannot be held responsible for items left in
the lesson rooms.

Our Lesson Policies and FAQ’s

Tuition (must be paid in advance of lessons)
30 min. lessons are $144 a month ($180 for 5 week months)
60 min. lessons are $288 a month ($360 for 5 week months)

How Lessons are Paid

The initial month will be paid when you first schedule your lessons.  If setting up lessons in the store, we will get a credit or debit card number to keep on file, and will automatically charge your card for tuition fees on the 1st of every month.  If you register online, you will enter your card and will be charged after we contact you to schedule your lessons. Auto Payments can be cancelled anytime through your student portal.

If you wish to pay in the store, you will be invoiced for your lessons 7 days prior to the due date. A check must be left in our waiting room drop box prior to the 1st.  A late fee of $20 will be assessed on all payments received after the 1st. Accounts with balances after the 8th will be suspended. We do not take credit card payments for lessons in the store.

Cancellations and Make-ups

Use your student portal to cancel lessons anytime 4 hours prior to your lesson to receive a make-up credit.  Make-up credits last 60 days and you can only have 2 at a time.  Missed make-up lessons can not be rescheduled.  Student not actively enrolled or late on payments will not receive make-ups for missed lessons and will lose current makeup credits.


 Vacation and Holidays

If a student knows they will miss a lesson due to vacation, a make-up lesson can be scheduled.  Tuition fees for months that have a holiday or a teacher absence will be prorated.


Snow and Ice

Stacy’s will notify students via email or text if lessons are cancelled due to snow or ice and pro-rate the following month’s tuition fees.  Also check our website and Facebook page for cancellations. Please do not assume we will cancel lessons when schools are closed.

(Important: If a student cancels a lesson due to weather concerns a make-up lesson will be attempted but is not guaranteed)



Stacy’s is not responsible for supervising students before or after lessons.  Young students should not be left alone for extended periods of time.  Stacy’s is not responsible for items left in the lesson and waiting rooms.


 Media and Advertising

Stacy’s will sometime use pictures or videos of students in advertisements and social media related to store and lesson activities.  Stacy’s will never use a students name.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay for my lessons in the store?

We only accept employee assisted in-store payments at the time of registration. Otherwise, you can leave a check in our waiting room drop box after you receive your monthly invoice 7 days prior to the 1st.


What if I know I am going to miss some lessons?

That’s ok, just let us know and we can either reschedule them for you, or you can pay our “Per Lesson” fee of $40 for the weeks you are able to come.  This will reserve your slot even for the weeks you will miss.


What if my lesson time falls on a holiday?

If your lesson time falls on a holiday, we will pro-rate the month for you.


Can I pay per-lesson or come every other week?

Yes. However, the lessons still need to be prepaid by a week and the rate for this is $40 per lesson.  You will also not be able to reserve a regular time slot. 


Who do I call to cancel or schedule my lesson?

Always, always, always contact the store.  You can call us 7 days a week or use your student portal 24 hours a day.  Never notify your teacher.  If you notify your teacher and they fail to tell us you could lose the ability to schedule a make-up.


Do you give refunds for missed lessons?

Stacy’s does not give refunds for missed lessons.


What if I want to stop lessons?

If you just want to stop for a little while please let us know and we can sometimes put your lessons on hold.  If you plan to stop for an extended period of time please try to give us at least 2 weeks notice so we can notify the teacher and make sure you are not billed for the next month.


 Our goal at Stacy’s Music Shop, Inc is to provide a fun and comfortable environment for our students to learn and our instructors to teach.  Our instructors are independent contractors and only get paid when their students pay.  Please understand we have made our policies as fair as we can for both the student and the teacher.  If at anytime you feel our policies are hindering you or your student’s ability to learn, please let us know and we will make every effort possible to assure you are happy taking lessons at Stacy’s.