micimageSongwriter Workshop

The Stacy’s Music songwriter workshop is designed for musicians who are ready to take their talents to the recording studio.  Each workshop will include writing sessions where participants will work  together along with an instructor to learn about the art of songwriting and craft their own musical creation.  At the end of the session each artists will have a recording  session where they will bring their creation to life.

Each session will cover skills in writing chord progressions, constructing melodies, song structure, arrangement, pre-production and recording.

Session Details

Each session runs 4 Weeks and can start anytime.

Times: Saturdays or Sundays 4:00 – 5:00

Session Price

$400/per individual

includes all instructor and studio fees

Sessions are limited to 3 individuals

If you are interested in creating a group to do our recording session let us know.  We can offer you a group discount and a longer recording time.

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